Air Compressor Servicing

Compressor & Mechanical Services specialise in the servicing of all makes and models of air compressors and equipment. Just like your car, your air compressor and related equipment needs regular servicing to ensure that it works and runs perfectly. We do everything from a basic service, to a monitoring and audit (as outlined below).

Servicing allows to check all parts and if needed, replace worn pieces before they fail and let you down. Regular servicing reduces the risk of down time, which can cost your business money. We stock most parts and on the off chance we do not have the part required, we order it in as a matter of urgency.

Energy Audits

We can carry out a full audit of your equipment to check how energy efficient it is. This involves checking for leaks etc. Much of the air created can be lost through poor or faulty pipes or parts. Air can leak through the smallest gap and will often be undetected.

We can identify these areas and seal them (or replace depending on the condition of the part). Once your system has been completely checked and sealed, you will start to save money on your energy bills as a result.

Service of all systems

We can set up an ongoing maintenance and service contract with your company to ensure that everything is checked on a regular basis.

Compressor & Mechanical Services began life essentially as a specialist compressed air engineering company to service the generation and treatment of compressed air for a wide range of industrial applications throughout Ireland. With a reputation for providing high quality technical expertise and commitment to providing a first class level of after sales service to its clients with the most cost effective solutions.
Whether your requirement is for service/repair to your existing equipment, a replacement air compressor, improvements to your compressed air quality with the addition or repair of an air dryer/filtration, installation of compressed air pipework or energy management survey, Compressor & Mechanical Services can provide the necessary expertise and equipment with a high standard of customer care at affordable costs.
Compressor and Mechanical Services is an Irish owned company, based in Dublin. Most of their work is based in Leinster, however they do offer a nationwide service. We comply with all health and safety guidelines to ensure your safety as well as our own.

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