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Compressor & Mechanical Services began life essentially as a specialist compressed air engineering company to service the generation and treatment of compressed air for a wide range of industrial applications throughout Ireland. With a reputation for providing high quality technical expertise and commitment to providing a first class level of after sales service to its clients with the most cost effective solutions.
Whether your requirement is for service/repair to your existing equipment, a replacement air compressor, improvements to your compressed air quality with the addition or repair of an air dryer/filtration, installation of compressed air pipework or energy management survey, Compressor & Mechanical Services can provide the necessary expertise and equipment with a high standard of customer care at affordable costs.
Compressor and Mechanical Services is an Irish owned company, based in Dublin. Most of their work is based in Leinster, however they do offer a nationwide service. We comply with all health and safety guidelines to ensure your safety as well as our own.


Servicing your air compressor, dryers and filtration is an essential part of owning a system that will work properly and last for years. We service all makes and models and can replace any parts on site.


We can carry out all repair work on site. We know that time is money and our goal is to offer a fast turnaround time.


Let us design the ideal solution for your business. By choosing the right air compressor and equipment, you can save money on your bills and get more value for money.

Kaeser Specialists

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Compressor & Mechanical Services can fix all major compressor issues quickly and for the best possible rates. Some of the many issues we commonly resolve are:
Air Compressor Needs A New Fan
Compressor Is Blowing Fuses-Breakers
Air Compressor Gets Very Loud/Clicking
Compressor Leaking Air Under The Hood
Air Compressor Wiring Problems
Compressor Cycles On And Off
Air Leaks From The Compressor Dipstick/oil fill tube/the intake filter
Broken ON OFF switch/Trips The Breaker
Compressor Won’t Start/Won’t Start when cold/When Air Is Used
Compressor Won’t Build Pressure


We are always happy to help so please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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